Q & A

What are Limited edition prints?

Limited edition prints are produced on canvas using the highest quality flatbed printers. These printers produce an image of lithographic quality without the need to produce large print runs. I am therefore able to offer these prints in very small limited editions, where only 10 are produced. This ensures that you are purchasing a virtually unique piece of art.

How do you produce your art?

All my art is original, My traditional mediums are: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour and Charcoal. I also produce work using graphics’ tools, similar to those used by the film and television industry, manipulating the images to produce the unique art you see on my website.

How are the paintings dispatched?

Art is dispatched to addresses in the UK, using Royal Mail Registered Delivery. For overseas addresses we use large courier companies, as appropriate on a case by case basis. We will provide you with a personalised quotation for any art ordered.

How long will it take for me to receive my painting?

Other than bespoke commissions, art will normally be dispatched within 14 days. UK orders normally take 3-5 days to deliver, but you should allow longer if you are in Europe or the rest of the world.

How will my painting be dispatched?

Art is dispatched by Royal Mail or Courier in the UK, it is normally packed flat, protected by cardboard. Overseas deliveries are normally dispatched, in bespoke cardboard tubes.

If I’ve seen a painting on Twitter/Facebook, but not on the Website, how do I purchase it?

Just fill in the Contact form on the Website. I will respond within 3 days.

If I wish to purchase a piece of art not on the website, what size will it be?

My art is produced in standard sizes which depend on the original format. Square pictures are available 100cm x 100cm, 75cm x 75cm or 50cm x 50cm. Landscape and portrait art is  available in 100cm x 75cm, 75cm x 50cm and 50cm x 33cm

Do you put pictures given to you by other people in your paintings?

No, all my art is my own work.

Do you sell any of your art as screensavers or wallpapers?

No, all art is only produced on Canvas, glass, fabric and wood.

What does rotational art mean?

Unlike traditional art, you can choose which way to hang the painting on your wall, so that you are able to see your painting whatever way round your prefer.

How is bespoke art produced?

Bespoke art is oil and or acrylic on canvas. Artwork is produced, following discussion with you to create a truly unique and intuitive painting, because of the time involved and cost of materials a deposit would be required for any bespoke commissions.